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Uncategorized Aug 29, 2016

3 steps to avoid envy

How to avoid becoming envious, I have three big ideas and before that, let me make a clear distinction between jealousy and envy.

The subject of envy is a thing namely (wealth, health, wellbeing, status, intelligence- your looks)

The subject of jealousy is the behaviour of a third person. Envy needs two persons and in the other hand jealousy requires three persons. For example: John is jealous of Benjamin because the beautiful GIRL next block rings him instead.

  Of all emotions, envy is the most shameful one. Why? Because it is the most easily emotion to domesticate. “According to Honore de Balzac Envy is the most stupid of vices, for there is no advantage to be gained from it” – it’s a waste of time.

     Paradoxically, with envy we direct resentments toward those who are most similar to us in age, career field, residence. Just as a writer, entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, I don’t envy supermodel, belly...

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How to avoid the illusion of attention?

Uncategorized Aug 29, 2016

The Silver back gorilla

Take a look at the following story “the monkey Business illusion” on YouTube, this experiment was made by two world renown psychologist Christopher chabris, Daniel Simon in the video, they film two teams of students passing basketballs back and forth. One team wore black T-shirt, the other white T-shirt. Both teams move in circles weaving in and out-suddenly in the middle of the video, something unexpected happens: a student dress as a Giant silver Back Gorilla walks in to the centre of the room, pounds his chest and promptly disappears.

    At the end you viewers are asked if they notice anything unusual. Answer: half the viewers shake their heads in astonishment. Silver back gorilla? What Silverback gorilla?

   We are pretty confident that we notice everything that take place in front of us but to the contrary that is not the case. But in reality we often see what we are focusing on. So the unexpected, the outlier, the...

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Is Business building about is what we know?

Uncategorized Apr 08, 2016

  Take a look at this finding from Dunn and Bradstreet:"Of the small Businesses that fail  90% do so because of lack of skill and knowledge on the part of the owner". Well it raises the sound question;is Business building,investing all about what we know or what we don't know.

     The former is fragile,the later robust.and vastly important:above and beyond all the ability to Know,how you want to know what you don't know and are in the hurry to find out are the most crucial ingredient.

By the way we think we understand is heavenly mark with psychological narrative and the confirmation biais

       Seemingly most entrepreneurs, start up starters,discoverers - venture Capitalists,decisions makers still act today upon a straight plan- hence devoid to optionality.Most of them miss the point that the essence of reseach or investment lies in the Unkown unknowns.

         By the way as I suspect the most successful...

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